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Subscription rates are AUD $21.50 or £14.00 for the period 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016:


Australia, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea members/residents can now pay using PayPal to (Please make sure that you also send back the completed membership form to the postal address below or E-Mail to the same address above. (NB email is .

If paying by cheque, please make payment to: - Papuan Philatelic Society (Queensland Account) and post to:

AUST Treasurer - Mr M Clark, PO Box 3275, BIRKDALE, Queensland, Australia, 4159

Paying via direct debit please use your full name as payment reference to Suncorp Bank, BSB: - 484-799 Account name Papuan Philatelic Society, Account Number: - 507862083


Other Countries: Payment should be made by: - EITHER sterling cheque payable to the PAPUAN PHILATELIC SOCIETY, or alternatively, currency notes of the following countries are acceptable: United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Euros.

Post to: UK Treasurer: Lorraine Fitzwater, The Olde Cottage, Babylon Lane,

  Lower Kingswood, TADWORTH, KT20 6XE. U.K.


Note: - membership also entitles you to copies of the Papua New Guinea Calling magazine (PNGC) and the NEW PPS Facebook site which is all covered as part of the annual membership subscription fee; please let us know if you would like to join the PPS Facebook page.


From: Name: _________________________________ No. _____________

(Number not applicable if new member joining for the first time).


Address (please print clearly



Telephone: _______________________ E-mail address: _______________________________________


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Chosen method of payment: PayPal, Direct debit, Cheque, Cash.	


My areas of interest include the following:


Areas of Interest:


Please print this page to post to the appropriate address.